Easy Wizard so you can create your
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Create Reviews in minutes so you can start
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Your own personal URL = No website
Even if you don’t have a website you can still
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Redirect your customers to any web-
site after submision.
After your customer completes your review,
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We provide the exact code you need
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Add opt in forms and build your email
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Publish your reviews on your Face-
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We provide the exact code you need
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book page!
Get DETAILED Review Statistics.
Your entire review collection is are tracked
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Automatic Publishing or Approval
You have full control, have your reviews
published instantly or take a peak first
approve or deny them.
Recieve email notifications when you
have new reviews!
No more checking your email every two seco-
nds to see if you got a new review, we’ll
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Create Unlimited Review Campaigns!
Own more than 1 website? Perfect! Own more
than 1 business? Perfect!
Create reviews for all of them!
Only $27/month
Full iPad & iPhone Support
Easy Review Software is fully compatible with HTML5, iPad & iPhone plus all android gadgets. This gives you immediate access to all of the millions of iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile devices users.

Increase the amount of customers who can see and view your reviews by millions. iPad & iPhone HTML5 support is just one of the benefits of Easy Review Software.
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Launching 2013!

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